To the east of Chugoku is Kansai, to the west is Kyushu, to the south is Setonaikai (Seto Inland Sea) surrounded by Shikoku, to the north facing the Sea of Japan, Chugoku region is long from the east to the west. The climate in the north differs completely from that in the south, within dozens of km, not only the climate is different but also the lifestyle changes greatly, which is the unique characteristic of Chugoku only in Japan. This region links Kansai to Kyushu for a long time and it was very important politically so there are many historic inheritances. The southern Seto Inland Sea area is the sea with many islands in it, making marine scenery of scenic beauty, and the cultivation of fruit is prosperous using the warm climate. In the northern area, it is affected by the severe climate of the Sea of Japan with much snowfall in winter, resulting in the least population in Japan, but it a unique area inheriting the culture of the Japan myths.

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