Mythical country:

Izumo is the west area of Matsue, famous as a mythical country nationwide. A big power prospered here in the ancient times in Japan, and there are many historical cultural heritages such as shrines, remains and group of graves, so it is in the symbolic tourist attraction of the ancient history and culture.

Access and Getting Around

It is 35 km from Izumo City to Matsue, not so far, it is easy to get from big cities via Matsue, so it is possible to have a tour to Matsue together with Izumo. Buses from big cities arrive in Izumo as the terminal via Matsue, so it is possible to have a tour in Izumo first.

By train

3 hours from Okayama Station to Izumo-shi Station by the JR Hakubi Line with 1 train per hour; 30 minutes from Matsue Station by the San-in Line with 3 trains per hour.

By bus

A night bus from Tokyo every day, frequent bus services from Kansai area, Okayama, Onomichi and Hiroshima make it convenient.

By plane

1 hour 30 minutes from Tokyo Haneda to Izumo Airport with five flights per day, transfer a bus to Izumo Station for 25 minutes. Other flights are from Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka. It takes 40 minutes from Izumo Airport to Izumotaisya.

By car

40 minutes from Matsue Station.



Izumo Taisha


Izumo Taisha is said to be the Japanese oldest Shinto shrine,there are 23 shrines around the main shrine and the huge Shinto shrine for the mythical countryas a story of the foundation appeared in the oldest history books of Japan.It is now popular with young women as a shrine of matchmaking.The current main shrine was rebuilt in 1774, and becomes the national treasure....

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Ancient Izumo History Museum


It is the museum where visitors can feel ancient Japan and the mythical world of Izumo.The excavations such as the model of the big shrine then, a large quantity of bronze swords, bronze pikes,and bell-shaped bronze vessels are displayed.It is next to the east side of Izumo Shrine....

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Old-taisya Station

-Historic Sites 

It is a deserted JR station building with a rare shrine style of wooden constructionwhich is designated as the important cultural property of Japan.The whole building including VIP room, Logo of Station name and platformwhere Torii of Izumo Taisha Shrine is seen remain unchanged, and the old office is used as a coffee shop.It is a romantic station building which seems to have a time trip to those ...

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Ichibata Train


This line is Nostalgic trains from Izumo City to Izumo Taisha Shrine,it is fun to go around by the local train....

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Hinomisaki Shrine


The shrine, built at the entrance of the Hinomisaki Lighthouse and painted in red is beautiful.Ise Shrine is one for protecting the daytime of Japanwhile this Hinomisaki Shrine is well known as God protecting Japanese night....

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Hinomisaki Lighthouse

-Sea View 

Hinomisaki is a cape at the westernmost tip of the Shimane Peninsula.The Hinomisaki Lighthouse here is 43.65 meters high, the highest stone-made lighthouse in East Asia.The superb scene of the Sea of Japan, the shore of the columnar joints and pine trees seen from the lighthouseis really wonderful, so it is recommended to visit here once you visit the Izumo Taisha Shrine....

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Ichibata-ji Temple


Ichibata-ji Temple is said that people with ill eyes were cured of their eyes after worshiping in the templewhose name is the origin of the Ichibata Train.It is on a mountain of 300 meters above sea level, reachable after climbing 1300 steps of stone stairways.It is possible to detour around to the temple by car.The scenery of Lake Shinji from the temple is splendid, too....

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