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JR Hisatsu Line

KYUSHU   [  Ebino/Kirishima-kogen ]

-Recreational Facilities 

It is a JR line between Yatsushiro City of Kumamoto Prefectureand JR Hayato Station in Kirishima Cit...

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SHIKOKU   [  Shodoshima Island ]

-Mountain View 

The autumn colors are now at their best.Kankakei is a valley of 7 km long from the east to the west,...

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Iyakei Gorge

SHIKOKU   [  Oboke ]

-Specific Nature 

Iyakei Gorge is a ravine near by Oboke and is an area where the original scenery of Japanese mountai...

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Ikaruga Cycling

KANSAI   [  Horyu-ji Temple ]

-Outdoor Activities 

It is a 10- km long trail to go around the temple groups, various size of ponds,rural scenery of flo...

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Megane-bashi(Megane Bridge)

KANTO   [  Aputo-no-michi ]

-Historic Sites  -Outdoor Activities 

The 31meters high, 91 meters long brick-arched bridge is the biggest in Japanwhich is on the hiking ...

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TOHOKU   [  Matsushima ]

-Historic Sites 

Kanrantei is a typical Japanese tea house.kanran means the“place to view ripples on water”, so the s...

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TOHOKU   [  Hiraizumi ]


Takkoku-iawaya is a temple painted in red located under the cliff of 35meters high 6 km to southwest...

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Samurai Residences

TOHOKU   [  Kakunodate Area ]

-Historic Sites 

Visiting at the samurai residences is recommended in the season of cherry in blossom,but its good at...

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