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Pleasure boats on the Mikuma River and Ukai

KYUSHU   [  Hita ]

-Seasonal Attractions 

The Mikuma River flows across Hita City and is called the symbol of Hita.There are Hita hot-spring r...

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Ebino-kogen Hiking

KYUSHU   [  Ebino/Kirishima-kogen ]

-Outdoor Activities 

There are various walking trails on the Highlands, and it is one of them.All the ponds including thi...

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A tranquil time on the island

KYUSHU   [  Ojika Island ]

-Sea View 

There is a tourist information center at the terminal of Ojika Port, though tour guidelines are only...

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Truck Train

CHUBU   [  Kurobe Gorge ]

-Specific Nature 

The railway built for the material transportation of the electric power company formerly is now used...

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KANTO   [  Nikko ]

-Specific Nature  -Outdoor Activities 

The back of Tamozawa Imperial Villa is a mountain stream, and it is very impressivethat several ston...

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Lake Goshikinuma

TOHOKU   [  Mount Bandai /Urabandai-kogen ]

-Specific Nature  -Outdoor Activities 

It is on Urabandai-kogen , whose name means ‘A marsh of five colors’,because there are ponds of diff...

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Mount Usu

HOKKAIDO   [  Lake Toya Area ]

-Mountain View 

Mt.Usu is an active volcano which erupts once in several decades .Mt.Showa-shinzan is a mountain whi...

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Shiretoko Pass

HOKKAIDO   [  Shiretoko Peninsula ]

-Mountain View 

Shiretoko Pass is a mountain pass of 738 meters above sea level which connects Utoro town to Rausu t...

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