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Ebino-kogen Hiking

KYUSHU   [  Ebino/Kirishima-kogen ]

-Outdoor Activities 

There are various walking trails on the Highlands, and it is one of them.All the ponds including thi...

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Nozaki Island

KYUSHU   [  Ojika Island ]

-Historic Sites  -Sea View 

It is an uninhabited island to the east of Ojika Island. Nokubi Church is here.It is hard to express...

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A tranquil time on the island

KYUSHU   [  Ojika Island ]

-Sea View 

There is a tourist information center at the terminal of Ojika Port, though tour guidelines are only...

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Shimanto Cycling

SHIKOKU   [  Shimanto River ]

-Outdoor Activities 

Cycling is recommended to experience the scenery of this beautiful river and river bankbecause there...

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Nikko Toshogu Shrine

KANTO   [  Nikko ]


NIkko Toshogu is a  Shrine used to worship the first general Tokugawa Ieyasu of the Edo periodwho ha...

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Ryusendo Cave

TOHOKU   [  Ryusendo Cave ]

-Specific Nature 

The characteristic of the cave is its splendid color of subterranean pools.Especially, the third one...

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Shiretoko Pass

HOKKAIDO   [  Shiretoko Peninsula ]

-Mountain View 

Shiretoko Pass is a mountain pass of 738 meters above sea level which connects Utoro town to Rausu t...

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