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Pleasure boats on the Mikuma River and Ukai

KYUSHU   [  Hita ]

-Seasonal Attractions 

The Mikuma River flows across Hita City and is called the symbol of Hita.There are Hita hot-spring r...

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Nozaki Island

KYUSHU   [  Ojika Island ]

-Historic Sites  -Sea View 

It is an uninhabited island to the east of Ojika Island. Nokubi Church is here.It is hard to express...

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Shimanto Cycling

SHIKOKU   [  Shimanto River ]

-Outdoor Activities 

Cycling is recommended to experience the scenery of this beautiful river and river bankbecause there...

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Shimanami Kaido cycling

CHUGOKU   [  Onomichi ]

-Outdoor Activities 

It is a cycling trail to cross some bridges connecting the island of the Seto Inland Sea,which is a ...

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Truck Train

CHUBU   [  Kurobe Gorge ]

-Specific Nature 

The railway built for the material transportation of the electric power company formerly is now used...

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Hakone old road hiking

KANTO   [  Hakone ]

-Historic Sites  -Outdoor Activities 

It is a well-known trail to walk on the old road (Tokaido) of Hakone which is different from the cur...

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Risshaku-ji Temple(Yama-dera )

TOHOKU   [  Yamagata ]


Risshaku-ji is a temple made on the slope of the mountain for 860 years, called another name Yama-de...

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Cape Shakotan and Shimamui

HOKKAIDO   [  Shakotan Peninsula ]

-Sea View  -Outdoor Activities 

It is the best ocean blue in the shore which I viewed in the northern sea.It is the suitable place f...

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