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Forest trail of Shiragami

TOHOKU   [  Shiragami-sanchi ]

-Mountain View  -Outdoor Activities 

The trail is called Mini Shiragami through which people will easily know the beech forest of World H...

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Kurobe Dam

CHUBU   [  Tateyama Kurobe Alpen route ]

-Specific Nature 

It is the biggest arch-type dome-shaped dam in Japan of 186 meters high, 492 meters long,which was b...

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CHUBU   [  Matsumoto ]

-Mountain View 

Kamikochi is a well-known place to see autumn colors, the base for advanced mountain climbers,and hi...

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Lake Goshikinuma

TOHOKU   [  Mount Bandai /Urabandai-kogen ]

-Specific Nature  -Outdoor Activities 

It is on Urabandai-kogen , whose name means ‘A marsh of five colors’,because there are ponds of diff...

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Oirase Stream

TOHOKU   [  Lake Towada ]

-Specific Nature  -Outdoor Activities 

The autumn leaves are approaching.Oirase Stream of 14 km is formed by the water from the Lake Towada...

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Shiretoko Five Lakes

HOKKAIDO   [  Shiretoko Peninsula ]

-Specific Nature  -Outdoor Activities 

Fantastic five-lake area in the primeval forest. It is a tourist attraction which tourists must see ...

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