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Maihama Beach

OKINAWA   [  Miyako Island ]

-Sea View  -Outdoor Activities 

Maihama Beach should be called the highlight of Miyakojima Island with 7 km long and natural sandy b...

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Hirizohama Inlet

CHUBU   [  South Izu ]

-Sea View  -Outdoor Activities 

It is the most transparent inlet in Japan where it is possible to get by boatfrom Nakagi Village nea...

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Omagari Fireworks

TOHOKU   [  Omagari ]

-Seasonal Attractions 

 The characteristic of the fireworks here is its scale that pyrotechnists of the whole country ...

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Cape Shakotan and Shimamui

HOKKAIDO   [  Shakotan Peninsula ]

-Sea View  -Outdoor Activities 

It is the best ocean blue in the shore which I viewed in the northern sea.It is the suitable place f...

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Mount Asahidake

HOKKAIDO   [  Mount Daisetu Area ]

-Mountain View 

Mount.Asahidake is the highest peak(2290 meters) of the Daisetsu area, and a symbolic volcano.Touris...

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Shikaribetsu Ravine

HOKKAIDO   [  Lake Shikaribetsu Area ]

-Specific Nature 

Open Air Baths are dotted in the ravine of the virgin forest.It is the heaven for outdoor bath lover...

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Rebun  Trekking

HOKKAIDO   [  Rebun Island ]

-Outdoor Activities 

It is the highlight around this island.Kape Sukoton and Momoiwa Trekking are very popular among hike...

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