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Naha Harri

OKINAWA   [  Naha ]


Harri is a traditional event of Okinawa of the competition of a hand-rowing fishing boat with anothe...

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Kitsuki Castle Festival

KYUSHU   [  Kitsuki ]


Kitsuki Castle Festival: is held at the beging of  May , the civilians wear costumes of the Edo peri...

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Hakata Dontaku Festival

KYUSHU   [  Fukuoka ]


Hakata Dontaku Festival is held annually during the May 3rd of the Golden week.The festival is celeb...

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Nagushiyama Park

KYUSHU   [  Sasebo ]

-Seasonal Attractions  -Specific Nature 

The splendor of azalea in this park is the most gorgeous in Japan for its width and beauty.It is a p...

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Ikazaki Great Kite Contest

SHIKOKU   [  Uchiko ]

-Seasonal Attractions 

The contest is held in Ikazaki district of Uchiko town on May 5, participants hold a hand-made kitea...

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Snow Corridor

CHUBU   [  Tateyama Kurobe Alpen route ]

-Outdoor Activities 

Along the Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route, it is the heaviest snowfall areawhere the accumulation of sn...

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Tenjindaira of Mt.Tanigawadake

KANTO   [  Minakami ]

-Mountain View 

Mt. Tanigawadake is a mountain area 2000 meters long in Gunma Prefecture and Niigata Prefecture,and ...

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TOHOKU   [  Hiraizumi ]


Takkoku-iawaya is a temple painted in red located under the cliff of 35meters high 6 km to southwest...

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Ryusendo Cave

TOHOKU   [  Ryusendo Cave ]

-Specific Nature 

The characteristic of the cave is its splendid color of subterranean pools.Especially, the third one...

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Samurai Residences

TOHOKU   [  Kakunodate Area ]

-Historic Sites 

Visiting at the samurai residences is recommended in the season of cherry in blossom,but its good at...

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