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Night Views from Mt. Hakodate


Tourists can easily reach the top of the Mt. Hakodate by Ropeway.It has a unique geographical feature, that is, the downtown is on the sandbar, and two sides are surrounded by the sea,therefore wonderful night views can be seen.Especially from summer to fall, fishing fires can also be seen, which impresses tourists deeply....

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Ichibata Train


This line is Nostalgic trains from Izumo City to Izumo Taisha Shrine,it is fun to go around by the local train....

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Mount Inasa


It is a mountain in the west of Nagasaki with 300 meters high of sea level.The area is a park, also the landmark of Nagasaki City.From the mountaintop, Nagasaki Port is seen, which makes perfect night views.Cable cars are available....

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Kokusai Dori


Kokusai Dori of approximately 1.6km long is called "miraculous 1 mile"and is the symbol of the revival of Okinawa that became the burnt-out ruins in World War II.There are Heiwa Dori (Peace Street) and Ichiba hondori (Market Street) around here,which are arcade streets diverged from the main street Kokusai Dori and the most prosperous in Okinawa.Souvenir shops and clothing shops are lined along th...

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