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Izumo Taisha

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Izumo Taisha is said to be the Japanese oldest Shinto shrine,

there are 23 shrines around the main shrine and the huge Shinto shrine for the mythical country

as a story of the foundation appeared in the oldest history books of Japan.

It is now popular with young women as a shrine of matchmaking.

The current main shrine was rebuilt in 1774, and becomes the national treasure.

Access and Getting Around

By train

refer to Ichibata train.

By bus

30 minutes from Izumo Station with frequent services.

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 Ancient Izumo History Museum

CHUGOKU    [ Izumo ]


It is the museum where visitors can feel ancient Japan and the mythical world of Izumo.The excavations such as the model...

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 Old-taisya Station

CHUGOKU    [ Izumo ]

-Historic Sites 

It is a deserted JR station building with a rare shrine style of wooden constructionwhich is designated as the important...

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 Ichibata Train

CHUGOKU    [ Izumo ]


This line is Nostalgic trains from Izumo City to Izumo Taisha Shrine,it is fun to go around by the local train....

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 Hinomisaki Shrine

CHUGOKU    [ Izumo ]


The shrine, built at the entrance of the Hinomisaki Lighthouse and painted in red is beautiful.Ise Shrine is one for pro...

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 Hinomisaki Lighthouse

CHUGOKU    [ Izumo ]

-Sea View 

Hinomisaki is a cape at the westernmost tip of the Shimane Peninsula.The Hinomisaki Lighthouse here is 43.65 meters high...

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 Ichibata-ji Temple

CHUGOKU    [ Izumo ]


Ichibata-ji Temple is said that people with ill eyes were cured of their eyes after worshiping in the templewhose name i...

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