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Itoman Harrey

OKINAWA   [  Itoman ]


Itoman Harrey is a popular race of hand-rowing fishing boatswhich is the same as the one called Hari...

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Snow Corridor

CHUBU   [  Tateyama Kurobe Alpen route ]

-Outdoor Activities 

Along the Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route, it is the heaviest snowfall areawhere the accumulation of sn...

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Truck Train

CHUBU   [  Kurobe Gorge ]

-Specific Nature 

The railway built for the material transportation of the electric power company formerly is now used...

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Lake Kawaguchiko

KANTO   [  Mount Fuji Area ]

-Specific Nature 

It is one of the Fuji Five Lakes and the only one with a train station, Kawaguchiko Station in its a...

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Lake Chuzenji

KANTO   [  Nikko ]

-Specific Nature 

Lake Chuzenji is located at the foot of a volcano called Mount Nantai, the symbolic mountain in Nikk...

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Oirase Stream

TOHOKU   [  Lake Towada ]

-Specific Nature  -Outdoor Activities 

Oirase Stream of 14 km is formed by the water from the Lake Towada.There are many waterfalls along t...

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Shiretoko Pass

HOKKAIDO   [  Shiretoko Peninsula ]

-Mountain View 

Shiretoko Pass is a mountain pass of 738 meters above sea level which connects Utoro town to Rausu t...

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