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Mount Asahidake

  • Mountain View

Mount.Asahidake is the highest peak(2290 meters) of the Daisetsu area, and a symbolic volcano.

Tourists can easily reach the observatory by Ropeway.

There are some small ponds at the end of the Ropeway, they can provide with a scenic-viewing road.

The mountainous beauty of the large volcanoes can be enjoyed. It takes two hours to climb to the mountaintop.

The prospects seen from the mountaintop are indeed magnificent.


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Access and Getting Around

By bus

To Asashidake Ropeway Station.

From Asahikawa Station, 3 buses per day.

From Asahikawa Airport, 3 buses per day.

By car

Approximately one hour to Asahidake Ropeway Station from Asahikawa, Asahikawa Airport.


Asahidake Ropeway



旭岳2 大雪山石室


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