Mount Daisetu Area

Symbol of Hokkaido:

The autumn colors are now at their best.

Mt. Daisetsu Area is located in the central part of Hokkaido, and is a mountainous area of large volcanoes. It is the Japan’s biggest national park. Spectacular views of the mountains, valleys, waterfalls, hot springs, the wealth of wild animals and plants. It is the first place in Japan to see autumn red leaves, especially well-known as outstanding views. It is  popular with mountain climbing lovers and hikers traversing the mountainous area.

Access and Getting Around

Mt. Daisetsu is not an independent mountain but boundless mountains, its surrounding and access to it is different depending on the destination. Asahikawa City is the center of transportation. The city offers convenient public transportation.

By train

1hour and 20minutes from JR Sapporo Station by limited express train, every 30-60 minutes.

By bus

2hours from JR Sapporo Sta. every 30 minutes.

By car

3hours from JR Sapporo Sta.

By plane

To Asahikawa Airport.

1hour and 35minutes from Haneda Airport via JAL, ANA, AIRDO, 11 flights per day. Also flights from Nagoya, Osaka, Hakodate.

35 minutes from Asahikawa Airport by bus with 8 bus services per day.

Mount Daisetu Area


Mount Asahidake

-Mountain View 

Mount.Asahidake is the highest peak(2290 meters) of the Daisetsu area, and a symbolic volcano.Tourists can easily reach the observatory by Ropeway.There are some small ponds at the end of the Ropeway, they can provide with a scenic-viewing road.The mountainous beauty of the large volcanoes can be enjoyed. It takes two hours to climb to the mountaintop.The prospects seen from the mountaintop are in...

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Sounkyo /Mount Kurodake

-Onsen(Hot Spings)  -Specific Nature 

Sounkyo is the deep V-shaped gorge constituted by sharpened lava. The precipice called”columnar joint” is seen along a river. The visitors who perform cycling along the river side are seen. Sounkyo-onsen resort is in the center, and a popular tourist resort. Mt.Kurodake is the easiest mountain to reach by cable car in the Daisetuzan area. It becomes the ski resort in winter. Information Now  ...

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Daisetsu-kogen Onsen

-Onsen(Hot Spings)  -Outdoor Activities 

Daisetsu-kogen Onsen is located in the east of the Daisetsu area, the highest hot spring bath in Hokkaido, at 1,260m above sea level. A hiking trail around some of marsh ponds and Climbing trails stretch from Daisetsu-kogen Onsen, which is just a single accommodation. Especially, scenes of the red leaves here are the most superb in Japan. It is the place where I visit many times, too. Hikers are r...

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Tenninkyo Onsen

-Onsen(Hot Spings)  -Specific Nature 

Tenninkyo is a hot spring resort where few tourists visit because of its inconvenience of access. However, it is a hidden spot in the Daisetsu area with two big waterfalls, Hagoromo and Shikishima falls. It is highly recommended to waterfall lovers. A trail from the village to the both falls are offered for its outstanding views on the base of the falls.* However, unfortunately the trail is closed...

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Accommodation around Mount Daisetu Area


Tourist Association Sounkyo

Higashikawa Tourism Association