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Tenninkyo Onsen

  • Onsen(Hot Spings)
  • Specific Nature

Tenninkyo is a hot spring resort where few tourists visit because of its inconvenience of access.

However, it is a hidden spot in the Daisetsu area with two big waterfalls, Hagoromo and Shikishima falls.

It is highly recommended to waterfall lovers.

A trail from the village to the both falls are offered for its outstanding views on the base of the falls.

* However, unfortunately the trail is closed to the traffic now and it is undecided when it is reused.

Access and Getting Around

By bus

From JR Asahikawa Sta., 2 buses per day.

By car

1 hour from JR Asahikawa Sta.

40 minutes from Asahikawa Airport.


天人峡・羽衣の滝 天人峡・敷島の滝


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