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Truck Train

  • Specific Nature

The railway built for the material transportation of the electric power company formerly is now used for sightseeing.

The train runs 20 km along the Kurobe River, and it is pleasant for tourists

to see deep forest, gorge, bridge, rock cliff on the way.

The view of red leaves is wonderful.

Along the railway, unexplored hot spring are here and there, where it is possible to stay a night.

It may be luxurious in a natural outdoor bath without anyone else.


Access and Getting Around

Train leaves Unazuki Onsen Station with per 20 minutes to 1 hour,

yet the last train starts from Unazuki Onsen at 15:40.

宇奈月駅 トロッコ列車1 トロッコ列車3 黒部渓谷1


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