Town of slopes and movies:

Onomichi is a port town facing the Seto Inland Sea in the east of Hiroshima Prefecture, which was prosperous as a distribution center by marine transportation in the old days but is an important traffic point of the Seto Inland Sea for the opening a bridge to Shikoku now. There is little flatland, so the unique scene with many slopes and temples is popular among tourists, and it comes into the limelight as a filming site from which many movie works were born here. Visiting temples in the downtown, hiking on the hills along shoreline and cycling around the bridges to Shikoku are the highlights of the Seto Inland Sea.

Access and Getting Around

Shin Onomichi Station of the Sanyo Shinkansen and Onomichi Station of the Sanyo Line are the nearest stations.

By train

1 hour 50 minutes from Shin Osaka to Shin Onomichi Station by the Sanyo Shinkansen, then to Onomichi station by bus for 15 minutes;
1 hour 20 minutes from Okayama Station to Onomichi Station by the JR Sanyo Line with frequent services; 1 hour 30 minutes from Hiroshima Station to Onomichi Station by the JR Sanyo Line with 1 train per 30 minutes.

By car

1 hour 20 minutes from Okayama Station, 1 hour 20 minutes from Hiroshima Station.



Visiting seven temples

-Historic Sites 

Most of temples and shrines are along the two km long road of three hours on foot,where you can experience Onomichi the town of temples and slopes wellby going round the sloping pavement, stairs private houses and temples.These are the reasons that it is the filming site. It is a wonderfully attractive town. ...

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Senko-ji Temple


Senko-ji Temple is accessible by ropeway, and is a representative temple of Onomichi.The prospects of the town of Onomichi and islands of the Seto Inland Sea seen from the temple are very splendid.Going down from the temple on foot without using the ropeway is recommended.Only this temple is recommended to those who are impossible to visit whole temples....

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Tennei-ji Temple


The three-storied tower of the temple is beautiful and Zazen or Zen Meditation is heldon Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday early morning.Reservation for Zazen or Zen Meditation is necessary to make ahead of two daysTel: 0848-22-2078....

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Shimanami Kaido cycling

-Outdoor Activities 

It is a cycling trail to cross some bridges connecting the island of the Seto Inland Sea,which is a good experience during the limited time and worth recommending.Because the lane for exclusive use of the bicycle is built, it is safe to ride a bicycle on the bridge.In addition, you may leave your rental bicycle at any rental cycle terminal without taking it to the start spot.*It is the reverse cou...

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Mount Takamiyama

-Sea View 

It is a 280 meters high mountain on the Mukaishima Island, from which the splendid sceneryof the Seto Inland Sea can be seen.You have to push your bicycle for the slope is very steep....

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Mount Hiratakiyama

-Sea View 

It is a 225 meters high mountain on Innoshima Island,there are many old stone Buddhist images on the mountaintop, which creates unique scenes.In addition, the view seen from the mountaintop is fantastic,if you choose one of the mountains of island of Shimanami Kaido, it is here to be recommended....

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Accommodation around Onomichi


Onomichi Tourist Association

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