The best karst topography in Japan:

Akiyoshida is a plateau of the largest limestone with 17 km from the east to the west and 8 km from north to south in Japan,which rose from the sea 300 million years ago.Akiyoshido Cave is a big stalactite care in the plateau of 10 km long,among which a part of 1 km is open for sightseeing to the public.The cave is 30 meters high, the tourists will be surprised at its size.

Access and Getting Around

Akiyoshidai is 30 km to the south of Hagi, where there is railway, so bus access is used.

To access here from Yamaguchi City, the prefectural seat of Yamaguchi Prefecture or from the Sea of Japan is available.

By bus

45 minutes from Shin Yamaguchi Station of the Sanyo Shinkansen with 9 buses per day; 1 hour from Yamaguchi Station with 10 buses per day;

2 hours 10 minutes from Shimonoseki Station with 8 buses per day; 1 hour 10 minutes from Higashi Hagi Station with 2 buses per day.

By car

40 minutes from Hagi center, 40 minutes from Yamaguchi Station, 30 minutes from Shin Yamaguchi Station.




-Specific Nature  -Outdoor Activities 

In case of prospects only, Akiyoshidai observatory is enough,but hiking is recommended in order to enjoy the vast Akiyoshidai.Among some routes, it is to introduce a representative route here.Make sure to confirm the time of the return bus....

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Akiyoshido Cave

-Specific Nature 

A big cave of a high ceiling spreads out and you will not get tired at allbecause the scene looks like the attraction of the theme park.As is expected, it is the scale that it is the biggest cave in East Asia....

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