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In case of prospects only, Akiyoshidai observatory is enough,

but hiking is recommended in order to enjoy the vast Akiyoshidai.

Among some routes, it is to introduce a representative route here.

Make sure to confirm the time of the return bus.

Access and Getting Around

Most trails are on the grassy plain, so it is easy to walk, and on the way, rest rooms are available.

Akiyoshidai Observatory→Museum→Mount Wakatake→Chogamori→Mount Kanmuri→

Mount Tsurugi→Mount Nishinonishi→Ryugobo→Kazoku Village→Akiyoshidai Observatory for about 5 hours、

17-km route.

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 Akiyoshido Cave

CHUGOKU    [ Akiyoshidai/Akiyoshido ]

-Specific Nature 

A big cave of a high ceiling spreads out and you will not get tired at allbecause the scene looks like the attraction of...

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