War and Peace:

Hiroshima City has two world’s cultural heritage as the central city of the Chugoku region. One is the Atomic Bomb Dome; the other is  Itsukushima Shrine of Miyajima Island. These two inheritances created by human beings stand for the city. It is one of the tours to think of the future as well as the past of human beings. This city was bombed by an Atomic bomb on August 6 1945.Then it was miraculously revived. People visit the Museum of Atomic Bomb in the city in hope of peace continually. HIROSHIMA, it is the world common dialect.

Access and Getting Around

As a big city in Chubu region, Hiroshima is convenient for all public transportation. Domestic and international flights are available.

By train

1 hour 30 minutes from Shin Osaka by the Sanyo Shinkansen with frequent services.

By plane

Flights from Haneda of Tokyo Haneda, Sapporo, Sendai, Naha, Shanghai, Chengdu, Taibei, Seoul and Hong Kong. It takes 45 minutes from Hiroshima Airport to Hiroshima Station By bus

By car

4 hours 15 minutes from Osaka Station.



Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

-Historic Sites 

There are various document houses in the park. It is a beautiful park now.Peaceful clouds float in the blue sky when I visited there....

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Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

-Historic Sites 

It is our duty make the negative inheritance of atomic bomb for the human being a foundation of peace.This museum asks us about what is war, what is peace....

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“Atomic Bomb Dome”

-Historic Sites 

The Atomic Bomb Dome is the building which became the ruins untouched just as the momentof the atomic bomb exploding instantly.It is the building that HIROSHIMA. Hiroshima must tell about to the descendants from now on....

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Honkawa Elementary School Memorial

-Historic Sites 

This museum is at the opposite bank of the river, Atomic Bomb Dome.A part of the elementary school of precious atomic bomb remains is used as the Peace Museum.What we hope is that the voice of children coming from the new school buildingcan be heard in this school building forever!...

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Shukkeien Garden

-Historic Sites 

Shukukeien is a Japanese garden which was built as the villa of the old Daimyo of Hiroshima.It is not a big garden, but is ideal for a brief break in center of the city....

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Mitaki-dera Templ


Though it is a little far away from the city, it is very quiet in nature.Three small waterfalls and Buddha statues, temples and calm atmosphere surround the area.It is really a good temple....

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Floating of Lanterns with Peace Messages

-Seasonal Attractions 

The bereaved citizens who lost relatives and acquaintances in the atomic bomb float hand-made paper lanternsinto the river for a memorial servicewhich is the beginning of the event called Floating of Lanterns, and not only the Japanese participatesbut people from various countries come here and float paper lanterns with messages for peace written on theminto the river.About 10,000 paper lanterns f...

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Tokasan Festival


This festival is called "the Yukata Festival" and is held in Enryuji Temple in the downtown of Hiroshimaon the first Friday, Saturday and Sunday of June every year,and is well-known because worshipers wear a yukata (Japanese informal summer kimono).The downtown of Hiroshima is full of people in yutaka during the festival period.Would you try a rental yutaka? ...

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