Shikoku is the smallest island among four main islands of Japan, It is located to the south between the Seto Inland Sea and the Chugoku region. It consists of four prefectures, and the climate is warm in the whole except the central high mountain. There are many islands and gentle shorelines in the Seto Inland Sea area, and the cultivation of fruit trees is prosperous. There are many areas where fishery is prosperous under the influence of the warm Kuroshio Current through the year in the Pacific side. There is a steep mountain range in the center, which is an obstacle for the communication of people and merchandises since ancient times so it has different cultures and customs of each region though it is not big. There are some bridge routes for trains and cars to pass from Kansai and Chugoku region. In addition, ferries from different parts arrive here. As for the airplane, flights from airports of the prefectural cities are available. .

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