One of the world’s largest whirling currents:.

Naruto is the nearest city from Kansai region, and the highlight of the city is Whirling Current of Naruto. It is the whirling current occurring at the Naruto Channel between Naruto City of Shikoku and Awaji Island of Hyogo Prefecture. It is one of the way of the tour around Shikoku first of all.

Access and Getting Around

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Mount Naruto Observatory

-Specific Nature 

It is an observatory a 15-minute walk from the sleeve of the Great Naruto Bridge.Naruto Channel and the Great Naruto Bridge can be seen on the observatory.There is a long escalator called the Esca Hill to the observatory....

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Whirling Current of Naruto

-Specific Nature 

The 30-meter whirling currents are well known as the world’s largest whirling currents.The whirling currents are seen from the land, but their super power is seen only on a sightseeing boat nearby.In addition, there is the sidewalk under the road of the Great Naruto Bridge hanging over the Channeland the view from an observation station fitted with glass on the sidewalkcan see the form of the whir...

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Accommodation around Naruto


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