The beauty of the ravine:

It is an 8-km ravine located just in the center of Shikoku, at the upper side of Yoshino River, the biggest river in Shikoku, which flow through Tokushima Prefecture. It is popular as the beauty spot where a small ravine and a rapid stream flows down. There is a sightseeing boat going down the ravine for approximately 30 minutes, but rafting is a better way to enjoy going down the river, which is worth recommending.


Access and Getting Around

Oboke is not difficult to get to for limited express trains stop here as JR Yosan Line Station. The basic spot of the public transport in the neighborhood is Awaikeda City. It is 2 km away from Oboke Station to the sightseeing boat station of Oboke Ravine, with a bus running between two spots.

By train

30 minutes from Awaikeda Station to Oboke Station with 1 train per hour;
1 hour 35 minutes from Okayama Station to Oboke Station with 1 train per hour;
1 hour 10 minutes from Tokushima Station to Awaikeda Station with 1 train per two hours;
1 hour from Kochi Station to Oboke Station with 1 train per hour.

By car

2 hour 10 minutes from Okayama Station, 1 hour 40 minutes from Tokushima Station, 1 hour from Kochi Station.



Iyakei Gorge

-Specific Nature 

Iyakei Gorge is a ravine near by Oboke and is an area where the original scenery of Japanese mountainous villagesstill remain unchangedand is said to be an unexplored region of Shikoku for a long time.Staying here and enjoy the country atmosphere of Japan is really pleasant.  ...

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Kazura Bridge

-Specific Nature 

It is a suspension bridge of 44 meters long, 12 meters high located in Iyakei Gorge,the people seeking for thrill cross it bravely.  ...

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Yoshino River Rafting

-Outdoor Activities 

The rafting on the Yoshino River is held here, Oboke and  Otoyo-cho at the upper side of the Yoshino River.The rafting on the famous violent Yoshino River is thrilling.If you are a thrill seeker, we would recommend you to have a try.*It is closed from November to February. ...

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Hashikura-ji Temple


It is a temple located on the mountaintop of 600 meters above sea level and covered with cedar treesand cypress trees with an atmosphere of Yamadera(mountain temple).It is a group of constructions of splendid sculptures and is one of the temples which the reporter likes.A ropeway to the mountaintop is available.                                                                            Photo ...

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Accommodation around Oboke