The once-in-a-lifetime stairs climbing:

Kotohira is a small town located in the southwestern part of Kagawa Prefecture, but is well known for Konpiragu Shrine and a theater of public Kabuki where there are always full of worshipers from all over Japan. There are a lot of highlights with a long history and splendid cultures in Kotohira town, it is worth that you spend time going round the nostalgic mall and alleys leisurely. In addition, around Konpiragu Shrine is a hot-spring resort which has been open since the Edo period, and this is one of the charms of Kotohira, too.


Access and Getting Around

There are two stations in Kotohira, one is Kotohira Station of the JR Dosan Line, the other is Kotohira Dentetsu Station of private railways, and JR limited express trains stop at the station, which makes it easy to get from Okayama.

The Kotohira Dentetsu line is from Takamatsu of the prefectural office city.

Planes fly from Takamatsu Airport. As it is a small town, it is possible to go around all sightseeing spots on foot, or by rental bicycle.

By train

55 minutes form Okayama Station with 1 train per hour; 40 minutes from Oboke Station with 1 train per hour. 1 hour from Takamatsu-chikko Port by Kotohira Dentetsu Line with 1 train per 30 minutes.

By bus

11 hours 20 minutes from Tokyo Station, one night bus.

By plane

1 hour 20 minutes from Tokyo Haneda Airport to Takamatsu with 11 flights per day. 1 hour 55 minutes from Naha Airport with 1 flight per day.

By car

1 hour 15 minutes from Okayama Station. 1 hour 15 minutes from Oboke. 55 minutes from Takamatsu Station.



Konpiragu Shrine


It is a shrine of combination of Shinto with Buddhism and the guardian angel of the traffic on the seasbut it was the guardian angel of the lives of the common people in the Edo period.The common people could not travel freely in the Edo period, and they were only allowed to visit Ise Shrineand Konpiragu Shrine,that is why it was a popular shrine among the common people.In addition, it is famous f...

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-Culture  -Historic Sites 

Kanabaruza is the oldest Japanese playhouse which was developed as then entertainmentfor the people visiting Konpiragu Shrine in the Edo period.Kabuki shows have been continuing even after various changes historically.It is a precious playhouse where the atmosphere of the Edo period remains unchanged,and it is open to visit even in case of no performance....

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-Historic Sites 

Sayabashi is a wooden bridge without supporting beams hanging over the Kanakura Riverwhich flows through the downtown of Kotohira, which is impressive.It is only used for the miniature shrine of the festival, so tourists are not allowed to pass it....

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-Historic Sites 

Takatoro is a 28 meters high garden lantern in front of Kotoden Kotohira Station, which is the highest lantern in Japan.It has been play a role of the lighthouse which is seen from the vessel navigating in the Seto Inland Seaor the vessel coming to Konpiragu Shrine.It is not open for tourists....

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Konpiragu Festival


It is held on October 10 every year as event called "Osagari" at this event,500 people go down 785 steps of stone stairways in a line with a miniature shrine carried on their shoulders.The event shows the power of the common people....

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Kotohira Town

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