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Uchiko is a small town in the southwest of Matsuyama City, but because it was the town of merchants who made money by selling mokuro or Japan tallow used as the materials of candle, the beautiful town of those merchants’ shops remains. In addition, their effort to preserve the traditional climate and lives of Japan is seen everywhere and therefore the wonderful town is different from those sightseeing spots such as a big theme park.

Access and Getting Around

Uchiko is possible to go around the whole town on foot. The tourist information center offers rental bicycles, anyway, to walk around the town is the way of tour here.

By train

25 minutes from Matsuyama Station to Uchiko Station with 1 train per hour; 50 minutes from Uwajima Station with 1 train per hour.

By bus

25 minutes from Matsuyama Station with 3 buses per day;
13 hours from Shinjuku Station in Tokyo with a night bus per day.

By car

1 hour from Matsuyama Station, 1 hour from Uwajima Station.



Yokaichi-gokoku District

-Historic Sites 

It is a 600 meters long street where traditionally made houses and mansions of the business magnates of that timelink one by one.The yellow earthen walls are impressive.These walls make the beautiful scenery that unique yellow earthen walls are contrasted to the white painted plasterwith local soil.Have a leisure walk and experience the Japanese tradition.There is a townscape preservation center f...

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-Culture  -Historic Sites 

Uchikoza is a theater of two-storied wooden construction with Japanese tradition built in 1916.Performances are carried out regularly now and in case of no performances, it is possible to visit it.Those who have once watched the Kabuki can understand the internal structure,but it is remembered that the true image of the Japanese playhouse is preserved so well and impressive.The playhouse waits for...

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Mokuro document museum


It is the luxurious house and museum of the Haga family who was the largest wax supplier in Japan.Kamihaga had ten buildings in a very large site, and there are many highlights including splendid rooms, gardensand the process of Japan tallow around residences, storehouses, pot grounds and wax.Tourists are overwhelmed by the way of living of a merchant’s family that time....

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Omori Warosoku shop

-Culture  -Shops 

It is a traditional Japanese candle production shop that has been protecting the tradition of the making of Japanese candlefor 200 years in the corner of traditional cityscape.The figures of craftsmen who make candles one by one are seen and their products are sold....

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Business and living Museum


It is a house of an old medicine dealer, here visitors can know the living of the then merchant's family, too.Wax figures are arranged and are very interesting....

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Machiya document museum


It is a museum of a merchant's family of the Edo period, too,and the living articles and agricultural machinery are displayed....

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Ikazaki Kite Museum


Uchiko is popular for the Great Kite Contest in Japan, kites not only of Japan but also from all over the worldare displayed in the museum.The museum is interesting and make you surprised that there are such a various kites all over the world....

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Ikazaki Great Kite Contest

-Seasonal Attractions 

The contest is held in Ikazaki district of Uchiko town on May 5, participants hold a hand-made kiteand drop other people’s kites, which is very interesting.Anyone can take part in freely, would you like to take part in holding a hand-made kite?There is a group challenging a huge kite, which is a really heartwarming scene....

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