Hokkaido  is located in the northernmost of Japan and Japan`s second large island next to Honshu. Because the climate is subarctic, it is harshly cold in winter, while in summer, Hokkaido’s temperature is very comfortable. Hokkaido is connected with Honshu by railway now through the world’s longest undersea tunnel.  The Ainu  are original people of Hokkaido, but Japanese pioneered the undeveloped wilderness from 15th century, it is now one of the biggest agricultural areas in Japan. However, with its magnificent nature, it attracts tourists from foreign countries and Japanese from other parts of the country. It is the right place for outdoor sports. July is the rainy season in the areas to the south of Honshu, while there is little rain in Hokkaido, so it is famous as summer resorts. Sapporo is the capital of Hokkaido, with almost a population of 2 million people and the largest city to the north of Tokyo. Many airplane services to the other cities of Hokkaido are operated. A rental car is recommended, getting there and around due to infrequent transportation, but traveling between cities is possible by the public transport. Japan’s Shinkansen bullet train system extended its service to Hokkaido through the undersea tunnel in the spring of 2016. It is more easily accessible to use Japan Rail Pass.

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