The center City of Hokkaido:

Sapporo-City is the biggest city and the prefectural capital in Hokkaido. Because Sapporo is the town made newly approximately 150 years ago, there are few historic heritages unlike other cities in Japan, but it is more neatly developed as a modern city.
It is said to be a big city with much snow most in the world, and the host city which held the Winter Olympics in 1972.


Access and Getting Around

Sapporo offers two subway lines, it can be accessed from the main places of the city center.

By train

From other cities, Limited Express Trains run frequently every day from other cities all over Hokkaido

By Car

There are many highway routes from other main cities in Hokkaido


Two routes

By plane

Tokyo-Sapporo is the world’s busiest air route, operated by JAL, ANA, Air Do, Skymark, Vanilla Air, Peach and Jetstar Japan. There are many other domestic routes and some international flights.
Sapporo’s New Chitose Airport, located 50 km away from the south-east of the city center.

By Bus

>From Airport :Airport buses run every 15 minutes. Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes to various places in Sapporo
>From other cities:Express Buses run frequently every day from other cities all over Hokkaido.



Sapporo Snow Festival

-Seasonal Attractions  -Festivals 

The Snow Festival in particular is a big event in the winter.Different sizes of sculptures made of snow are lined up in the main street park (Odori) of the city center. It is held at the beginning of February every year and world famous for its large scale.  ...

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Sapporo Beer Garden


The Sapporo Beer Garden is the beer hall restaurant of Sapporo Beer which is one of eminent beer makers in Japan.It is a red brick huge restaurant with a good reputation of draft beer made directly from the factory,roasted mutton and lamb are particularly delicious.It offers various menus as well as roasted meat and can be enjoyed.In fact, the Japanese do not like mutton so much, but the people of...

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Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium

-Recreational Facilities 

The Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium is a 90-meter long ski jump stadium where the World Cup of the Jumpis held every year.The main street park (Odori Park), where the Snow Festival is held can be seen toward the front.Shall we go there and have a look at the Snow Festival together?There is the Sapporo Winter Sports Museum at the foot of the jump hill.It offers a variety of winter sports simulation game...

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Accommodation around Sapporo


Sapporo Tourist Association