Shakotan Peninsula

Shakotan Blue”, Superb view to be speechless :

The Shakotan Peninsula is a cape which sticks out of the Sea of Japan in northwest of Sapporo.The Shakotan Peninsula is a cape which sticks out into the Sea of Japan in the northwest of Sapporo. Though beautiful cliffs continue along the West of Hokkaido, Shakotan Peninsula has had few tourists in the past, however, with improved transport facilities, more and more tourists come to see the spectacularly beautiful coastline. Shakotan Peninsula is also worth visiting for the fresh seafood as well as the natural beauty of the area. Visiting is highly recommended.” 

Access and Getting Around

For one-day trip, tourists must take a bus at Otaru Station in the morning, it is necessary to confirm the return bus. There are a lot of guest houses to be available, so you`d better stay overnight.

Shakotan Peninsula


Cape Kamui

-Sea View 

A trail leads to the lighthouse at the tip of the cape and lead to the tip into“ocean blue”.The tourists increase to see the cape with the divine atmosphere of unspoiled nature."Kamui" means“God” by Ainu language.It is impossible to get there whenever it is windy since it takes about 80 minutes round walks from the parking lot....

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Cape Shakotan and Shimamui

-Sea View  -Outdoor Activities 

It is the best ocean blue in the shore which I viewed in the northern sea.It is the suitable place for divers in Hokkaido, and the color of the sea views will never be forgotten.The recommendation is to get around the trail along the shore to see its” Shakotan blue”....

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Accommodation around Shakotan Peninsula


Shakotan Tourism Association