Kushiro Marshland

The vastest marshland in Japan:

The Kushiro Marshland is in the north of Kushiro City in the of East Hokkaido and was appointed in the list of Ramsar Convention. It is super views that the Kushiro River meanders through the marsh. The characteristic is that Japanese cranes inhabit, which were once in danger of extinction. The means of viewing the marshland is from some observatories .Canoeing is also fun. It is the observation center to see the Japanese cranes.

Access and Getting Around

Using a car or a rental car is the easiest way of getting there and around the park since public transportation is infrequent. Kushiro Airport has direct flights from Tokyo Haneda to Sapporo Shinchitose, Sapporo Okadama, and Buses run from the airport to the downtown for 50 minutes。

By train

Kushiro is accessible from Sapporo by direct JR Limited Express train, 4 hours with 11 trains per day

By bus

Daytime and Overnight express buses run from JR Sapporo Sta. to JR Kushiro Sta. for 6 hours with 9 buses per day.

By car

6 hours from JR Sapporo Sta., 2 hours 40 minutes from JR Abasihri Sta.

By plane

1 hour 40 minutes from Tokyo Haneda Airport with 6 flights per day. 1 hour 45 minutes from the New Chitose Airport with 3 flights per day. 1 hour 45 minutes from Sapporo Okadama with 4 flights per day. Besides these, there are seasonal flights from Nagoya and Osaka.

Periodical sightseeing bus services

in summer, the service of combination of Kushiro Marshland and Train Norokko is provided. It goes around the Marshland Observatory and the Crane Park from the JR Kushiro Sta. The Japanese guide only is provided. From July 1 to August 31. 4 hours 50 minutes per service. In winter, regular buses go around the Kushiro Marshland and the Crane Park. It is a service with lunch. The Japanese guide only is provided. 7 hours 10 minutes per service.

Kushiro Marshland


Hosooka Observatory

-Specific Nature 

Hosooka Observatory is located in the east of the marshland.The Kushiro River and the marshland can be viewed from it.Mt.Akans can be viewed if the weather is fine.The sunset in the marshland is especially a highlight.It is accessible because it is close to the station....

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Kottaro Viewpoint

-Specific Nature 

It can be viewed from the Kottaro River where is a branch of the Kushiro Riverand many small marshes are here and there.It is a good place to feel the wild marshes well....

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Kushiro River Canoes

-Outdoor Activities 

The Kushiro River is where primitiveness remains most in Japan.It is the river of Japanese canoeists` dreams due to no seeing houses at all.There are courses starting from Toro half the way of the River (a half day),or from the headwaters of Lake Kussharo(4 days canoe-camping), which is highly recommended. TORO Nature Center...

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Tsurumidai /Tsurui Ito Sanctuary

-Specific Nature 

Tourists can observe the cranes which gather for food in winter.The cranes are big and beautiful, especially when they are dancing.The cranes were once in danger of extinction, but were saved by the people who loved them and fed them.The residents still give them foods. Tourists must observe the cranes quietly.Observation only in the winter season (November~ March)Tsurumidai There are no lodging f...

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Norokko Train

-Recreational Facilities 

The remarkable scenery which cannot be seen from cars or observatory can be seenfrom the Scenic Train as it runs along the marshland.It is an easy way of viewing the marshland....

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Accommodation around Kushiro Marshland


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