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Kottaro Viewpoint

  • Specific Nature

It can be viewed from the Kottaro River where is a branch of the Kushiro River

and many small marshes are here and there.

It is a good place to feel the wild marshes well.

Access and Getting Around

By train

40 minutes from Toro Station by the JR Senmo line train, then walk 6.2 kilometers for 1 hours 40 minutes.

By car

30 kilometers from the Central Kushiro By Rental bicycle At Toro Station



 Hosooka Observatory

HOKKAIDO    [ Kushiro Marshland ]

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Hosooka Observatory is located in the east of the marshland.The Kushiro River and the marshland can be viewed from it.Mt...

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 Kushiro River Canoes

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The Kushiro River is where primitiveness remains most in Japan.It is the river of Japanese canoeists` dreams due to no s...

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 Tsurumidai /Tsurui Ito Sanctuary

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Tourists can observe the cranes which gather for food in winter.The cranes are big and beautiful, especially when they a...

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 Norokko Train

HOKKAIDO    [ Kushiro Marshland ]

-Recreational Facilities 

The remarkable scenery which cannot be seen from cars or observatory can be seenfrom the Scenic Train as it runs along t...

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