Shiretoko Peninsula

The Nature of the Abiogenesis:

The peninsula is registered on the World Natural Heritage sites as one of the wildest remaining nature sites in Japan.

A lot of rare wild animals inhabit here.

It is not possible to access some places without prior permission.

It may take a little more time to see so many scenic views of sea and forest.

Shiretoko is not a big city, with Utoro(a small town) in the north and Rausu(a small town) in the south.

These two small town are the bases for sightseeing in this area.


Access and Getting Around


The Shiretoko Peninsula is located in the east of Hokkaido.

Public transportation is rather infrequent.

No trains, however, rental cars are available to get there and around.

By bus

The best way of getting there is using Direct Buses from Memanbetsu Airport to Utoro,

but no bus service in November1~January 19. 3 buses per day in April 1~27.

By train and bus

The closest railway station to Shiretoko is JR Shiretoko Shari Station of Shari Town, about 40 kilometers southwest of Utoro.

The station can be reached in 40 minutes from Abashiri Station or in about 2.5 hours from Kushiro Station,

and then transfer to buses to Utoro in 50 minutes. 7 buses per day in April 28~October 31、4 buses per day in November 1~April 27.

7 hours 15 minutes from JR Sapporo Sta., by night bus. 1 bus service per day.

Another bus route

From Kushiro Station of Kushiro City to Rause on the eastern coast of Shiretoko. 4 buses per day.

By car

Cars or rental cars are the recommended means of getting Shiretoko since public transportation is infrequent.

Shiretoko is so far away from other areas. 

 In summer the road is closed to cars and motorcycles to Shiretoko Five Lakes and Kamuiwakka Hot Water Fall due to heavy traffic jams.

It takes 1 hour 50 minutes from JR Abashiri Station and 3 hours 30 minutes from JR Kushiro Station .

By plane

It takes 1hour 45minutes to fly there by ANA, JAL, AirDo plane from  Haneda Airport, Tokyo with 6 flights per day.

45minutes from the New Chitose Airport by ANA, JAL plane with7 flights per day.

Besides these flights from Nagoya and Osaka are also available.


Shiretoko Peninsula


Shiretoko Five Lakes

-Specific Nature  -Outdoor Activities 

Fantastic five-lake area in the primeval forest. It is a tourist attraction which tourists must see in Shiretoko.However, tourists are not allowed to walk around freely along the lakes since brown bears inhabit there.The tourists who take part in the lectures in the field house of five-lake area are allowed to see some part of it.It is the only sightseeing spot in Japan where tourists may directly...

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Furepe Waterfall

-Specific Nature  -Outdoor Activities 

The waterfall which oozes out of the foot a cliff called‘the tears of a young girl’and flows into the sea during which it falls from the mountain.Though not a big waterfall, it is a great sightseeing spot along with the Sea of Okhotsk.The Shiretoko Nature Center is at the entrance of the trail where we can know something about Shiretoko.It can also be seen on a ship or a canoe at sea. It is pleasa...

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Kamuiwakka Hot Water Fall

-Specific Nature  -Outdoor Activities 

Hot spring flows into the river, and the whole river becomes the hot spring.There are waterfalls in the upper river, and the basin of a waterfall is a hot spring.Tourists may enjoy an interesting experience.However, the upper, most great spot of the river has been closed due to the danger of falling rocks.Better to go in other seasons than in summer due to the large number of tourists....

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Cape Shiretko

-Sea View 

 Cruise is the only way to reach the tip of the cape since it is closed to the public.Waterfalls, rivers and cliffs, and also brown bears, a herd of deer and dolphins can be viewed if lucky.The cape is flat, but the beautiful scenery on the way there makes this a World Natural Heritage site.It is the absolutely an unexplored region which is worth seeing. ...

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Shiretoko Pass

-Mountain View 

Shiretoko Pass is a mountain pass of 738 meters above sea level which connects Utoro town to Rausu town.The mountain pass is also an attractive driving course.The sight of the remaining snow at the end of July is very impressive.Furthermore, colored leaves of Mt.Rause (Rausu-dake) seen from the pass are wonderful. ...

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Lake Rausu

-Specific Nature  -Outdoor Activities 

It is the biggest lake on Shiretoko which is near to Shiretoko Pass and six kilometers around it.It is visited by so few people that it is called a lake of illusion for a long time.It is surrounded by small lakes and wet lands, so its primitiveness is suitable for people to trek here.The lake is so natural that it is suggested that tourists go there with plan to climb the mountain.Moreover, becaus...

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Accommodation around Shiretoko Peninsula


Shiretoko Shari-cho Tourist Association

Shiretoko Rausu Tourism Association(Japanese)