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Lake Rausu

  • Specific Nature
  • Outdoor Activities

It is the biggest lake on Shiretoko which is near to Shiretoko Pass and six kilometers around it.

It is visited by so few people that it is called a lake of illusion for a long time.

It is surrounded by small lakes and wet lands, so its primitiveness is suitable for people to trek here.

The lake is so natural that it is suggested that tourists go there with plan to climb the mountain.

Moreover, because it is the habitat of brown bears, tourists had better not go there alone

if possible and are seriously warned of it.

Access and Getting Around

Though there is a bus stop at the trail entrance, only a few bus services are available.

4 buses per day.

The bus services will be closed on October 10.

Tourists have to walk 50 minutes of 3-kilometer-distance from Shiretoko Pass.

3 hour- round-trip walk from the bus stop.

Joining in a tour is a choice to get there.


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