The town where floating ice comes to:

Abashiri-City is at the entrance of the Shiretoko Peninsula which is on the list of World Natural Heritage sites, and well-known for fine weather throughout the year in Japan. The floating ice is particularly famous. Floating ice comes in February and March every year, but the tour for observing the Floating Ice depends on the weather and wind direction, so the changing condition must be considered before a tour.



Access and Getting Around

Abashiri is the transport hub in the Sea of Okhotsk area.The airport named Memanbestu has daily flights from Sapporo, Tokyo, Oosaka and Nagoya, Also JR line, Express Buses from Sapporo.It takes 25 minutes from Memanbetsu Airport to JR Abashiri Station by bus.


By train

5 hours 20 minutes from JR Sapporo Station by limited express train with 4 trains per day, 3 hours 50 minutes from JR Asahikawa Station by limited express train with 4 trains per day, 2 hours 10 minutes from JR Kushiro Station with 5 trains per day.

By bus

5 hours 50 minutes from JR Sapporo Station with 9 trains per day.

By car

5 hours 50 minutes from JR Sapporo Station, 4 hours 30 minutes from JR Asahikawa Station, 3 hours from JR Kushiro Station.

By plane

1 hour 45 minutes from Haneda Airport, Tokyo by ANA, JAL, Airdo, 6 flights per day. 45 minutes from the New Chitose Airport Sapporo by ANA, JAL, 7 flights per day. Besides the above, there are flights from Nagoya and Osaka.It takes 25 minutes from Memanbetsu Airport to JR Abashiri Station by bus.




Floating Ice Sightseeing Ship

-Recreational Facilities 

Floating Ice Sightseeing Ship "Aurora" is possible to see the real floating ice of the Sea of Okhotsk on this boat.This Service is only available during winter.It might be a rare experience to get a sight of floating ice from the ship.The best period of seeing the floating ice is between the middle of February and the beginning of March....

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Cape Notoro

-Sea View 

Cape Notoro is popular and the best spot of Abashiri shore for its position where tourists may observe the floating ice.The ice floats into the Sea of Okhotsk and so it becomes the most beautiful tourist spot among the sea shores of the Abashiri.Though no public transport is available, cars and taxis can be used....

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Kitahama Station

-Recreational Facilities 

Kitahama Station is the nearest to the Sea of Okhotsk.The floating ice can be seen from the station.The winter tourist train "Orokko" by the Senmo Line stops at the station, which makes the tour convenient.It is easy to get there even by car as it is close to the road....

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The Museum of Northern People


It is a very important museum which helps to know the original people-Ainu of Hokkaido andthe world northern history and the life of  its people.There are many interesting exhibits, which are really worth paying a short visit. ...

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Accommodation around Abashiri


Abashiri City Hall Tourism Division