Lake Mashu Area

Mysterious Lake:

Mashu area has the volcanic features of such as Lake Mashu which is one of the world`s clearest lake and Lake Kussharo which is the biggest caldera lake of Japan. Two characteristic lakes, volcanoes and Onsen or hot springs, which is one of a representative tourist spots of the East Hokakido.

Access and Getting Around

The day pass for bus

Bus services are rather infrequent even in summer season. In the summer (July18~October12), A 2-day pass and a 3 day pass for the buses are available, 4 round trip buses per day from Kawayuonsen Station. This pass is very useful of getting there and around Lake Mashu and Lake Kussharo area.

By train

the JR Senmo line train runs between Kushiro and Abashiri. There are two stations that Kawayuonsen Station and Mashu Station near this area.

1hours 50 minutes from Abashiri Station to Kawayuonsen Station with 7~9 trains per day.1 hour 50 minutes from Kushiro Station with 7~9 trains per day. 4kilometers from Kawayu-onsen Station to the city center. Rental Cycles are available.

By bus

>From Mashu Station to Lake Mashu, 4 buses per day,(Julay18~October12),

2 buses per day, reaching only Observatory 1, (April 1~July 17).

During the rest of the year, there are not any bus services at all.

>From Kushiro Station to Lake Mashu, one-day pass for the bus (Pirikago) is available, 1bus per day. June 1~October 25). This bus is also useful of getting around Kusiro Marshland, Lake Mashu, Lake Kussharo, and Kawayuonsen.

By car

From Kawayuonsen, 10kilometers (to Observatory No 3), 2 hours from Kushiro, 1 hour 45 minutes from Abashiri.

A regular tourist bus service

A bus runs around the Lake Akan which is in the same area as Lake Mashu and Lake Kussyaro, so it is quite convenient to use it. The bus announcement is in Japanese. Take a bus at JR Kushiro Sta. for 8hours 55minutes, 1 bus service per day during June 1 and October 25

Rental Cycles are available.
Lake Mashu Area


Lake Mashu

-Specific Nature 

The caldera Lake Mashu is one of the world`s clearest lakes. Getting close to the Lake is prohibited.It keeps its Scenery of nature since there are few tourist facilities in the neighborhood except Observatory.The deep azure color of the surface of the lake is quite beautiful since it keeps eminent rich primitivism in Hokkaido.There are two Observatories, Number 1 and 3. Observatory NO.3 is just s...

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Lake Kussharo

-Specific Nature 

Lake Kussharo is the biggest caldera lake of Japan with a circumference of 57 km.There are many accommodations or souvenir shops along the lake. In addition,it offers a lot of outdoor hot spring baths for free along the lake shores.It is really the Paradise of the outdoor baths. Please try it if you are a man who likes hot springs.Kotannoyu , a outdoor bath is also worth recommending to women,thou...

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Mount Iozan

-Mountain View 

Mt. Iozan is located between Lake Kussharo and Lake Mashu, its entire mountain is made of sulfur.Smoke of sulfur makes a sound with roar and goes up here and there on the mountain.Tourists may experience the beating of the active volcano.Some trails are available to walk around the mountain.Kawayu-onsen or Kawayu Hot Spring resort is nearby, and a lot of accommodation with the sulfur hot water.Kaw...

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Accommodation around Lake Mashu Area



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