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Lake Kussharo

  • Specific Nature

Lake Kussharo is the biggest caldera lake of Japan with a circumference of 57 km.

There are many accommodations or souvenir shops along the lake. In addition,

it offers a lot of outdoor hot spring baths for free along the lake shores.

It is really the Paradise of the outdoor baths. Please try it if you are a man who likes hot springs.

Kotannoyu , a outdoor bath is also worth recommending to women,

though the entrance is different bath is shared by men and women together.

The bath cleaning is always well done.

Access and Getting Around

By bus

There are no bus services around Lake Kussharo and the access by bus is infrequent from other areas like Lake Mashu.

Using rental cars are the means of getting around.

In summer (Julay18~October12), a 2-day pass and a 3 day pass for the buses is available,

4 round-trip buses per day from Kawayuonsen Station.

This pass is very useful of getting to  Lake Mashu`s observatory and Lake Kussharo area.

>From Mashu Station, 2 round trip buses per day (April 1~November30).

>From Kushiro Station, one-day pass for the bus (Pirikago) is available, 1 round trip bus per day.

(April 25~May 6,May 9~May31 every Sat. and Sun., June 1~October 25, every day)

This bus is also useful of getting around Kusiro Marshland a day.

By car

2 hours from Kushiro. 1 hour from Abashiri.



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