Town of the bullfighting:

Uwajima is the central city in the southwestern part of Shikoku which has been developed from an old castle town.In addition, the local characteristic cultures such as culturing of pearls and fish at the saw-tooth coastline is prosperous, cultivation of oranges using the warm climate and traditional bullfighting are alive.

Access and Getting Around

JR Yosan Line train runs from Matsuyama to Uwajima Station. In case of getting from Kyushu, a ferry from Beppu to Yawatahama Port is very important.

By train

1 hour 20 minutes from Matsuyama Station with 1 train per hour; 1 hour from Uchiko with 1 train per hour.

By ferry

2 hours 50 minutes from Beppu Port to Yawatahama Port with 6 ferry services per day, 1.8 km from Yawatahama Port to YawatahamaStationwith1 bus per hour, then 30 minutes from Yawatahama Station to Uwajima Station by the Yosan Line with1 train per hour.

By car

1 hour 30 minutes from Matsuyama Station. 50 minutes from Uchiko Station.




-Culture  -Seasonal Attractions  -Recreational Facilities 

The bullfighting of Uwajima is like that two bulls fight in a ring of 20 meters diameter,and the one who escapes first is considered to lose.As a regular bullfighting it is held on January 2, first Sunday of April, July 24, August 14, fourth Sunday of October,five times every year, from noon two hours every time.Ushioni Festival is also held on July 24, which is worth recommending.All weather type...

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Ushioni Festival


Ushioni is a festival car covered with hemp palm or red cloth and a cow modelled the neck and head of the ogreand a sword made with a log.The festival car is carried up by dozens of young people and is accompaniedby the sound of the musical instrument of the bamboowhich children blow and parade while swinging a neck having a long neck to shove every house,and to exorcise evil spirits. It is pleasa...

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Warei Shrine


It is famous for its three number ones in Japan.The first one is the biggest Torii in Japan, the second one is the mask to bring happinessand the third one is the highest nose mask in Japan.It stands for the good luck of men. It is within walk reach from Uwajima Station,yet is very quiet because of few visitors....

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Yusumizugaura Rice Terraces

-Historic Sites 

The terraced fields that are described as "They plow it and reach the sky."The scene of the sea where the terraced fields of the stone wall approximately 1 meter high and wide,to the mountaintop of the steep slope, and the Uwa Sea is beautiful overview.Tourists could not help but feel richness of the history that people cut the terraced fields through hardshipsbefore long to the sky while continui...

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Nametoko Ravine

-Specific Nature 

It is a ravine of 12 km long, located at the upper side of Shimanto River, a clear stream in Japan.River activities are prosperous with such a river full of changes where a waterfall seems to drop to a piece of bedrockand the strangely shaped rocks extend to the far. In recent years careering attracts attention. ...

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Uwajima City

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