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Yusumizugaura Rice Terraces

  • Historic Sites

The terraced fields that are described as “They plow it and reach the sky.”

The scene of the sea where the terraced fields of the stone wall approximately 1 meter high and wide,

to the mountaintop of the steep slope, and the Uwa Sea is beautiful overview.

Tourists could not help but feel richness of the history that people cut the terraced fields through hardships

before long to the sky while continuing plowing. It is really beautiful scene.

People are overwhelmed by the beauty of grand molding. The superb view really is here.

There are restaurants at the foot of terraced fields.

Access and Getting Around

It is difficult to get by bus, using a car is recommended.

The vessels are available, but the vessel leaving in the morning or the one leaving at 11:35 can take you there and back.

Uwajima Port⇔3 vessels per day⇔Mizugaura. 24 km from Uwajima Station, one hour by car.

遊子水荷浦の段畑 遊子水荷浦の段畑 (2)



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