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Takamine-kogen is a vast highlands of 2,000meters above sea level, colorful alpine plants are in sight long the trail

and the superb view of Mount Fuji, Mount Yatsugatake, the mountains of the Southern Alps are seen panoramically,

all of which are enjoyable.

A lot of mountaineers climb up to Mountain Kurofu which is the highest peak of the outer rim of a volcanic crater

of Mount Asama in particular to watch a superb view of Mount Asama,

where the trail is well maintained and easy to walk.

The view of Mount Asama from Mount Kurofu is fantastic, and the mountain of flowers is fascinating.

It is a magnificent hiking route.


Access and Getting Around

There and back from Takamine-kogen to the peak of Mount Kurofu takes 3 hours and 30 minutes.

If possible, to stay at spa inns for a night is pleasant.

Regular buses run to Takamine-kogen every day.

Taking a direct bus from Shinjuku in Tokyo to Takamine-kogen is convenient.

By bus

one bus leaves Sakudaira Station of the Hokuriku Shinkansen at 8:30,

the other at 13:15 for 1 hour with only two bus services per day.

A bus leaves Shinjuku Station at 10:30 for Takamine-kogen, 3 hours 50 minutes with 1 bus service per day.



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