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Nozaki Island

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It is an uninhabited island to the east of Ojika Island. Nokubi Church is here.

It is hard to express one’s feeling in words when seeing a simple brick-built church on the wild hill of terraced fields

where wild deer play here and there.

The church was made with the fund which the islanders of the Catholic believer of only 17 families saved for 35 years.

The stained window seen in the sunlight is perfectly beautiful.

Walk around the church while watching the deer, the trace of the terraced fields and the sea.

It may be mind-enriched tour to see such a super view of great inlet of white sand bar.

It takes 35 minutes from Ojika Island by boat.

There are some facilities of on-site training and accommodations available (cook your own meals, no shops).

In case of going over to the Nozaki Island, it is necessary to reserve a home and a visit of the church in advance.

Contact the port information center: Ojika Island Tourism.

Access and Getting Around

2 round-trip boats per day.



 A tranquil time on the island

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There is a tourist information center at the terminal of Ojika Port, though tour guidelines are only in Japanese,tourist...

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