Ojika Island

To enjoy life:

Ojika Island is located on the Goto Islands of Nagasaki Prefecture, it is also to the south of Uku Island. It is so small that it is enough to go round the island by rental bicycle. What is on the island is scene and nature of the leisure country only that is why it is possible to enjoy life here. Staying at a private home which provides meals and lodging and feeling the life of the islanders is the most luxurious. Yet, as it is a remote island, it is normal that there are no hospitals and so on. Beware of health.

Access and Getting Around

It is necessary to stay at least one night because of the inconvenient access.

By vessel

From Sasebo, 5-minute walk from Sasebo Station to Sasebo Port.

・By jetfoil

1 hour 25 minutes from Sasebo Port with 2 round-trip services per day.

・By Ferry

2 hours 30minutes to 3 hours (the time is different according to the transferring method) with 2 round-trip services per day.

From Fukuoka, 20 minutes from Hakata Station in Fukuoka to Hakata Port by bus.

By ferry

5 hours with 1 round-trip service per day, leaving at midnight.

From Uku Island

25 minutes by jetfoil with 3 round-trip services per day.
35 minutes from by ferry with 2 round-trip services per day.

Ojika Island


A tranquil time on the island

-Sea View 

There is a tourist information center at the terminal of Ojika Port, though tour guidelines are only in Japanese,tourists may take a guideline and go round the island by rental bicycle.The alley of the shore of the red sand of lapilli showing that it is a volcanic island, a rural district, a grassy plain and the village.Half a day is enough to have a tour.Yet, spending a tranquil time and imaginin...

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Nozaki Island

-Historic Sites  -Sea View 

It is an uninhabited island to the east of Ojika Island. Nokubi Church is here.It is hard to express one’s feeling in words when seeing a simple brick-built church on the wild hill of terraced fieldswhere wild deer play here and there.The church was made with the fund which the islanders of the Catholic believer of only 17 families saved for 35 years.The stained window seen in the sunlight is perf...

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Accommodation around Ojika Island


Ojika Island Tourism

Nagasaki Prefecture Convention and Tourism Association