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Mount Misen

  • Sea View
  • Outdoor Activities

It is a mountain of 535 meter above sea level in the central part of Miyajima,

and the mountain itself has been the object of worship since old times.

The mountain is suitable for climbing trail for its good view from the mountaintop,

its primitiveness for its position on an island.

Access and Getting Around

Among the trails, one is Momijidani trail (one and a half hour) of climbing upwards,

during which a garden is leisurely enjoyed.

The other one is Daisho-in trail of climbing downwards, a good condition trail is built on the way.

Because there is a ropeway from Momijidani Park at the foot of the mountain,

which is suitable for those who are not able to climb the mountain.

Yet, it still takes 30 minutes to walk to the mountaintop after getting off the ropeway.

弥山山頂 弥山


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