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Matsukawa Onsen

  • Onsen(Hot Spings)

Matsuka Onsen is a hot spring with three unique inns with outdoor baths and lodging facilities.

It gets supports from the fans of loving unexplored hot springs all over the country.

It is a special feeling of seeing the clean flow of the ravine from the outdoor baths.

Because a geothermal power plant is in the Matsukawa Onsen area and it is open to the public

which is within a walk reach from the lodging facility,

it is interesting to have a look at it.

All the lodging facilities are open in winter, so the hot springs of the winter ravine attracts tourists.


Access and Getting Around

By bus

1 hour 50 minutes from Morioka Station with 3 bus services per day.

The bus arrives at Royal Hotel at the hot spring resort where is at the foot of Mt. Hachimantai

and then transfer to another bus.

By car

1 hour from Morioka Station.

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