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Jigoku Tour

  • Onsen(Hot Spings)

It is tour to go round Chinojigoku(Hell of Blood), Tatsumaki-jigoku(Hell of Tornado), Umi-jigoku(Hell of Sea),

Shiraike-jigoku(Hell of White Pond), Yama-jigoku(Hell of Mountain), Oniishibozu-jigoku(Hell of Oniishi Buddhist Priest),

Oniyama-jigoku(Hell of Ogre Mountains ) and Kamado-jigoku(Hell of Furnace), each of which has its own characteristic.

The use of a free bus ticket will be convenient.

Among the hells, the Hell of Blood and the Hell of Tornado are a little far away while others gather together.

Access and Getting Around

It takes about 3 hours go round even two hot springs.

By bus

15 minutes from Beppu Station.

By car

8 km from Beppu Station.

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