Beppu Onsen

The biggest hot spring resort in Japan:

Beppu is a city in Oita Prefecture, where there are the most hot springs and rate of water flowing out of the hot-spring source in Japan. It is one of the typical hot spring resorts of Japan. Every hot spring has its unique characteristic which is called Jigoku(Hell), a tour around these hot springs is a highlight of Beppu Onsen Resort. Beppu is a big city in Oita Prefecture, so it is convenient to reach, therefore it is good place to experience Japanese hot springs. Hot spring area is divided into eight districts which are called Beppu Hachiyu. Guidelines are available at the tourism information center of Beppu Station.

Access and Getting Around

By train

2 hours from Hakata Station in Fukuoka by the JR Nippo Line with 2 trains per hour; 1 hour from Kokura Station by the JR Nippo Line with 3 trains per 1 hour;

3 hours from Kumamoto Station by the JR Hohi Linewith 6 trains per day.

By bus

2 hours from Hakata Station in Fukuoka and Fukuoka Airport, 1 bus per hour;

4 hours 50 minutes from Kumamoto Station with 1 bus per day, many bus services from Oita Airport.

By car

2 hours from Hakata Station in Fukuoka; 2 hours 2 minutes from Kumamoto Station.

By plane

1 hour 30 minutes from Yokyo Haneda Airport to Oita Airport with 10 to 16 flights per day. Flights from Nagoya and Osaka, too.

By ferry

1 ferry service from Osaka Port by Sunflower-go ship, leaving Osaka in the evening then transfer a bus.

Beppu Onsen


Jigoku Tour

-Onsen(Hot Spings) 

It is tour to go round Chinojigoku(Hell of Blood), Tatsumaki-jigoku(Hell of Tornado), Umi-jigoku(Hell of Sea),Shiraike-jigoku(Hell of White Pond), Yama-jigoku(Hell of Mountain), Oniishibozu-jigoku(Hell of Oniishi Buddhist Priest),Oniyama-jigoku(Hell of Ogre Mountains ) and Kamado-jigoku(Hell of Furnace), each of which has its own characteristic.The use of a free bus ticket will be convenient.Among...

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Kannawa Onsen Mushiyu

-Onsen(Hot Spings) 

Mushiyu(Steam bathing) is a public bathhouse in Kannawa Hot Springs.The people lie on a floor which is heated by the emitting gas of the hot springand covered with a medical herb called Acorusgramineus that grows in colonies along clear streams.It is a splendid bathing way.It seems a kind of sauna which warms the body from the heart.Kannawa Onsen Area is an area where hot springs gather most dense...

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Takegawara Onsen Public Bathhouse

-Onsen(Hot Spings) 

It has the longest history, which is run by the Beppu Municipal government.Tourists may feel nostalgic plentifully through the appearance and inside of the bathhouse,with a rest room of well-polished floor and splendid ceiling.Sunayu(A treatment by hot sand bath) is also available here....

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Yukemuri Observatory

-Specific Nature 

It is an observatory on which the steam rising from the hells of the sources of hot springs can be seen.Such a view is only seen in Beppu rather than other places.It is a perfect prospective spot to see the town of Beppu and surrounding mountains....

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Tsurumidake Observatory

-Mountain View 

It is located on the top volcanic Mount Tusrumi in the west of Beppu City with 1375 meters of sea level.It is accessible by cable car, and the view seen on it is panoramic....

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Beppu City

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