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Ichinokurasawa is the popular of the Japanese rock climber with steep vast rock cliffs of Mt.Tanigawadake.

The difficulty of climbing it is well-known among climbers in the world, so it is called the dangerous cliff

where there are the most number of victims.

The scene here is hard to express in words. Ridges rising above mountains, frequently-changing rock cliffs,

snowy valley are all the overwhelming existence as if the God controls all these.

The destination of hiking trail is a spot from which Ichinokurasawa is seen,

so it is not dangerous in particular unless a tourist does not have a rock climbing.

You are given the rich genuine nature.

The single-way hiking trail from Cable car Sanroku station to Ichinokurasaza takes 1 hour.

If a tourist sees Ichinokurasawa only without hiking, a shuttle bus gets there from Doaikuchi of Cable car Sanroku station.

Normal vehicles are not allowed to run on the road.

There are wash rooms but no shops selling foods and beverages at Ichinokurasawa, so you have to take them with you.



Access and Getting Around

By bus

45 minutes from Jomokogen Station to Tanigawadake Ropeway Station(Doai -kuchi) with 9 bus services per day,

then to Ichinokurasawa for 25 minutes by shuttle bus with 6 bus services per day.

By car

2 hours 50 minutes from Tokyo Station to Tanigawadake Ropeway Station.

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