The rock cliff made by the God:

Minakami is a town located at the foot of the northernmost part of Mount Tanigawadake in Kanto, it is a popular tourist spot for the beauty of mountains, various hot springs, mountain climbing and hiking.
Because Minakami is located in the headwaters of the Tone River, the biggest river in Japan, and a fast stream flows, the canoe tournament of all Japan is held, and the outdoor sports of the river are prosperous.

Access and Getting Around

Jomokogen Station of the Shinkansen and Minakami Station of the Joetsu Line are available, but the shortest one is to take a bus at Jomokogen Station.

By train

1 hour 15 minutes from Tokyo Station to Jomokogen Station by the Joetsu Shinkansen Line with 1 train for every one hour, then take a bus to Minakami Station for 25 minutes; 50 minutes from Tokyo Station to Takasaki Station by JR Takasaki Line , transfer to the Joetsu Line for an hour to Minakami Station with 2 trains per hour.

By bus

4 hours from Shinjuku Station to Minakami Station with 1 morning bus per day.

By car

2 hours 30 minutes from Tokyo Station.



Suwa Ravine

-Outdoor Activities 

Views seen from the bridge set up in the ravine with strange-shaped rocks are lineand a trai neatly constructed along the stream make tourists enjoy not only hot springs but stream walking.The trail of Suwa Ravine starts from the hot spring town, Seiryu Park and Sasafue Suspension Bridgeuntil Miharashi, about 2 km.There is bungee jumping of 42metershigh from Suwa Ravine Great Bridge.  ...

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Tenjindaira of Mt.Tanigawadake

-Mountain View 

Mt. Tanigawadake is a mountain area 2000 meters long in Gunma Prefecture and Niigata Prefecture,and famous for its grand view seen from the mountain ridge.Tenjindaira is an observatory 1500 meters high, where the mountaintop of Mount Tanigawadake and grand mountainscan be seen panoramically.It is easy to get by ropeway from the foot. It is full of skiers in winter as a skiing area.It is the popula...

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-Mountain View  -Outdoor Activities 

Ichinokurasawa is the popular of the Japanese rock climber with steep vast rock cliffs of Mt.Tanigawadake.The difficulty of climbing it is well-known among climbers in the world, so it is called the dangerous cliffwhere there are the most number of victims.The scene here is hard to express in words. Ridges rising above mountains, frequently-changing rock cliffs,snowy valley are all the overwhelmin...

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