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Himeyuri Peace Memorial Museum

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It was a group of people including 222 students of the Women Department

at Okinawa Normal School and girls at the Girls’ High School called in as the nursing personnel and 22 teachers

required by Okinawa Army Hospital at the end of March, 1945.

Most of them died in the Okinawa Battle.

The museum was opened on June 23, 1989 to convey the misery of the war and the importance of the peace.

The Tower of Himeyuri in the neighborhood is a memorial service monument of the place where Himeyuri students died.

The negative inheritances of the war are everywhere all over world, which make people feel depressed.

However, it has not only the fun of the tour but sharing of such history.

Access and Getting Around

By bus

15 minutes from Itoman Bus Center with frequent bus services.


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