Inheritance of the war:

Itoman is the southernmost town of Okinawa Island, and fishery has been prosperous for a long time and is the area where the people who sailed out fishing in the sea in a dugout called Sabani live in. Around Itoman is an area where the World War II fiercest battle in the Okinawa took place, conveying the pitiful history of that time. However, those people still succeeded to a pride and the tradition as the maritime people can be seen.

Access and Getting Around

Itoman is really easy to get to Itoman because it is close to Naha. In the downtown, all sightseeing spots are within walking reach while war sites are all in outskirts, bus services run there to go round.

By bus

50 minutes from Naha Bus Terminal to Itoman Bus Center with frequent services.



Okinawa Peace Memorial Park

-Historic Sites 

It is on the plateau where shoreline can be seen.There are the Peace Memorial Museum which displays photographs or the momentos of the Okinawa war,"the Foundation of the Peace" with the full names of all the dead in the Okinawa Battle engraved on it,"a Peace Prayer Image" praying for everlasting peace and a grave garden in the park.The park is used to condole with sacrificed people of the war,conv...

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Himeyuri Peace Memorial Museum

-Historic Sites 

It was a group of people including 222 students of the Women Departmentat Okinawa Normal School and girls at the Girls’ High School called in as the nursing personnel and 22 teachersrequired by Okinawa Army Hospital at the end of March, 1945.Most of them died in the Okinawa Battle.The museum was opened on June 23, 1989 to convey the misery of the war and the importance of the peace.The Tower of Hi...

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Awamori Masahiro gallery


Awamori is the liquor produced only in Okinawa region,and it features that it is quite Old liquor unlike other Japanese liquor.Many lovers like its unique flavor. The Masahiro brewing company was established in 1883.Visitor can learn the history and process of manufacturing of Awamori.It is possible to have a taste of it and purchase it....

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Itoman Harrey


Itoman Harrey is a popular race of hand-rowing fishing boatswhich is the same as the one called Hari in other areas in Okinawa.The race here is marked by using a small boat of ten rowers unlike the one in Naha.The difference from the one in Naha is that there are more expert rowers in Itoman,proving they are really the people of the sea, which is worth seeing.It is held only 1 day during the end o...

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Itoman City

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