South Izu

Paradise of the overseas beauty and monkey:

Because it is in the southernmost tip of the Izu Peninsula, and the Kuroshio Current flows through the offshore, flowers bloom throughout the year because of the warmth, and the beauty spots of a precipice and the reef zone are continuing, which makes it a rich-nature area.

Access and Getting Around

Shimoda is the gate city of South Izu. Take a Shinkansen train from Tokyo, transfer the Izukyu Line at Atami or take an Izukyu Line train from Tokyo to Shimoda Station directly, which is more convenient. Yet, the sightseeing spots introduced here are difficult to get by bus, to get by car is better.

By train

50 minutes from Tokyo Station to Atami by the Tokaido Shinkansen , then 1 hour 50 minutes to Shimoda Station by the Izukyu Line. 2 hours 50 minutes from Tokyo Station to Shimoda Station by the Izukyu-Odoriko train with 1 train per hour.

By car

3 hours 15 minutes from Tokyo Station to Shimoda Station.

South Izu


Cape Iro

-Sea View 

This cape is the beauty spot at the southernmost cape of the Izu Peninsulawhere a panorama of the magnificent Pacific including Izu Islands is seen on the horizon.Because the scene of a Shinto shrine called Iro Shrine is nice,it is suggested that tourists pay a visit to it.Furthermore, it is pleasant to see the shoreline beauty of the cliff on the sightseeing boat....

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Hirizohama Inlet

-Sea View  -Outdoor Activities 

It is the most transparent inlet in Japan where it is possible to get by boatfrom Nakagi Village near the inlet only in summer,and it is the popular snorkel spot.Yet, it has been more crowded with vehicles, which makes parking more difficult.When parking is not available , it is possible to see the view from the Cape Ai-Ai,or from the sightseeing Cruise at Irouzaki Port.It may be the easiest way t...

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Cape Ai-Ai

-Sea View 

This cape is a superb view spot for overlooking the sea, various islands and the cliffs.The silhouette of the setting sun seen from here is particularly wonderful....

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Cape Hagachi

-Sea View 

This cape is a valuable place where the wild monkeys is seen the shore.300 monkeys gather in the beautiful inlet located between the red cliffs and Mount Hagachiyama,so it is the biggest habitat of monkeys in the East Japan.There is a path on the beach without any fences,and that human beings and wild monkeys walk freely is heartwarming....

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Minamiizu Town

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