Japan is a unique country. Though it is one of the most developed countries in the world, it maintains its old tradition and culture. There are parts of Japan that are not influenced by industrialization and maintain its natural state and old living style. Such a country is rare. It is the specific characteristic of Japan that what makes it interesting to explore by foreigners as well as Japanese.

We have been around the various areas of Japan and we want you to know and to share the wonderful places that we experienced. We want to introduce the tourist sites where we actually visited.

In this site visitors will see recommended tourist places of our preference. We see to it that this site is updated to meet the requirements of the individual tourist.

We are happy to help you reach the places you want to go and to find the beauty of Japan.  


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This web-site introduces the sightseeing places of various parts of Japan.  This web-site mainly helps tourists travelling individually or in a small group but does not serve package tours. It recommends access through public transportation such as buses, trains, rental cars, and sometimes by foot. It provides detailed information to get to tourist destinations and to get around the local areas where trains and buses have limited schedules . The web-site offers the fastest way to get to your destinations. It gives information on express ways when using the car, and provides limited express train schedules as well. In local regions in Japan, few local people speak English so it might be difficult to communicate but they are willing to help in every way they can.

This web-site encourages tourists to visit the local areas of Japan. There are many places that are worth visiting!  


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The accommodations that are recommended in this web-site have been personally tried and confirmed by the staff and some are recommended by close friends. The small hotels are strongly recommended for traditional Japanese style experience where visitors will sleep on a Futon on Tatami. The most important point we would like you to experience is the hospitality of the hotels.Reservations by telephone can be difficult for the English speaker at small hotels, so online reservation is the best choice. Some places may be more difficult to access, so check your schedule, and take enough time to get around. Cancellation should be avoided but if it’s extremely necessary, try to call for cancellation or email the hotel.




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