Shimokita Peninsula

The place where the souls of the dead gather:

The Shimokita Peninsula is the remote northeastern tip like shaped an axe of Honshu, facing the Pacific Ocean and the Tsugaru Strait. The area is a part of Aomori Prefecture.
There are a lot of scenic spots in the Shimokita Peninsula, such as Mt. Osorezan is where it is said that the souls of the dead gather and the area has become an imaginary hell and the Yagen Valley. Mutsu city is the urban center for the area.

Access and Getting Around

The Shimokita Peninsula is a long way from anywhere. If you use a JR train , the JR Ominato Line from Noheji travels up to Mutsu or direct Shimokita rapid service trains are available from Aomori and Hachinohe.In case of buses, direct buses run from Tokyo to Mutsu, taking over 10 hours .From Hokkaido, Tsugaru Kaikyo Ferry offers a service from Hakodate on Hokkaido to Oma at the northwestern tip of the peninsula.

Shimokita Peninsula




The place where the souls of the dead gather Osorezan is located on the Shimokita Peninsulain the northernmost of Honshu which is one of the most famous sacred places in Japan.The temple, the center of the Osorezan Faith, is on the shore of the Lake Usoriwhich is a caldera lake with the fantastic beauty, the emerald green surface and the beach of the white sand bar.All these turn the lake a myster...

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Yagen Mountain Stream

-Specific Nature  -Outdoor Activities 

It is known for the place of fresh green and colored leaves of 161 km from Osore-zan to the north.There are waterfalls, a trail built with the unused a railway line and a suspension bridge.In addition, there is Yagen Onsen breeding in the rare iron carbonate spring of Japan in the outskirts.It will be a pleasant tour, if the prayers of Osorezan stay at a Yagen Onsen for a night....

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Mutsu City

Aomori Prefecture