Contest of the night sky:

Omagari is in the downtown of Daisen City in the center of Akita prefecture, whose fireworks are one of three famous Japanese ireworks.The northern region city boarder reaches Akita City and Kakunodate Area.

Access and Getting Around

Omagari Station is a Shinkansen Station which is located between Kakunodate and Akita, it is quite convenient.

By train

3 hours 5 minutes from Tokyo Station to Omagari Station with 2 trains per hour; 30 minutes from Akita Station ,1 hour from Morioka Station.

By bus

9 hours from Tokyo to Omagari by night bus.

By car

50 minutes from Akita Station, 40 minutes from Akita Airport, 1 hour 45 minutes from Morioka Station.

By plane

65 minutes from Tokyo Haneda to Akita Airport with 9 flights per day. Other flights from Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo and Fukuoka.



Omagari Fireworks

-Seasonal Attractions 

 The characteristic of the fireworks here is its scale that pyrotechnists of the whole country competefor the technique and quality, which are the highest level of fireworks competition in Japan.As for the meeting to be held at the bank of a river, the neighborhood is surrounded by mountains,the light of fireworks is not interfered which makes pyrotechnists show their techniques fully.That’s ...

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