Lake Izunuma

The most famous place for wild goose in Japan:

Izunuma is a big marsh located in the north of Miyagi Prefecture. The average depth of water is 1.3 meters and the water does not freeze up in winter, so many waterfowls come here for its rich plants that cover the surface of the marsh. Especially, 70 % of all wild geese flying to Japan come here, so it is the registered place of Ramsar Convention. The scene of the summer lotus is wonderful, too. A lot of facilities for observation and learning including a bird-watching building and the sanctuary center are located around the marsh, so it is one of the best places for bird watching in Japan.


Access and Getting Around

There are no bus services nearby. Take a train of the Tohoku Shinkansen, get off at Kurikomakogen Station, and it is 4 km from there to the sanctuary center, ride a bicycle renting at the station or take a taxi.

By train

2 hours 20 minutes from Tokyo to Kurikamakogen Station with 1 train per hour.

By car

1 hour 10 minutes from Sendai Station.

Lake Izunuma


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