Ginzan Onsen

Nostalgic hot spring resort:

Ginzan Onsen is located at the foot of Ou mountains range in the Middle Yamagata prefecture, which became known for the famous TV drama Oshin in the world. Inns built 100 years ago are lined along the both sides of the river. Inns of the wooden balconies of three levels or four levels and the sidewalk of the gaslight form a beautiful hot spring resort. Because there are two public bath houses of “Kajikayu” and “Shiroganeyu” available to the visitors in the hot spring resort, they need not stay for night. There are silver mine way trace and a gorge in the depths of the hot spring resort, so visitors can enjoy it by way of a walk.

Access and Getting Around

The nearest station is Oishida Station of the Yamagata Shinkansen in Obanazawa City, a bus is available from Obanazawa City. Transfer two times of buses from Oishida Station. A plane is available at Yamagata Airport.
It is closed to the traffic, park your car at the parking lot at the entrance of the hot spring resort.

By train and bus

3 hours from Tokyo to Oishida Station with 12 trains per day, 12 minutes to Obanazawa by bus then transfer a bus to Ginzan Onsen,30 minutes.

By car

15 minutes from Yamagata Station, 45 minutes from Yamagata Airport.

By plane

1 hour from Haneda Airport in Tokyo to Yamagata Airport with two flights per day. Other flights from Osaka, Nagoya and Sapporo.

Ginzan Onsen


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