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The Museum of Northern People

  • Culture

It is a very important museum which helps to know the original people-Ainu of Hokkaido and

the world northern history and the life of  its people.

There are many interesting exhibits, which are really worth paying a short visit.


Access and Getting Around

By bus

For Tentosan, approximately 17 minutes from Abashiri Station with1 bus per 1-2 hours.

By car

Approximately 10 minutes from Abashiri Station.


 Floating Ice Sightseeing Ship

HOKKAIDO    [ Abashiri ]

-Recreational Facilities 

Floating Ice Sightseeing Ship "Aurora" is possible to see the real floating ice of the Sea of Okhotsk on this boat.This ...

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 Cape Notoro

HOKKAIDO    [ Abashiri ]

-Sea View 

Cape Notoro is popular and the best spot of Abashiri shore for its position where tourists may observe the floating ice....

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 Kitahama Station

HOKKAIDO    [ Abashiri ]

-Recreational Facilities 

Kitahama Station is the nearest to the Sea of Okhotsk.The floating ice can be seen from the station.The winter tourist t...

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