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Shimanami Kaido cycling

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It is a cycling trail to cross some bridges connecting the island of the Seto Inland Sea,

which is a good experience during the limited time and worth recommending.

Because the lane for exclusive use of the bicycle is built, it is safe to ride a bicycle on the bridge.

In addition, you may leave your rental bicycle at any rental cycle terminal without taking it to the start spot.

*It is the reverse course from Imabari. Refer to Imabari.

Access and Getting Around

① A round trip from Onomichi to a certain island and getting back

JR Onomichi Station→ (walk 3 minutes) Bay parking lot ahead of the station (to rent a bicycle here)

→the pier ahead of the station→ (five minutes by boat) →Mukaishima Island→Innoshima Island

→Ikuchijima Island・Setoda Port→ (40 minutes by ship) →the pier ahead of the station,

though it is possible to have a one-day tour, staying a night on an island is also a good choice.

It is a long way of 70 km from Onomichi to Imabari in Shikoku.

Staying a night at a lodging facility on the way is better. The above trail→Omishima Island

→Hakatajima Island→Oshima Island→Imabari Sunrise Itoyama (the Rental bicycle terminal) →bus

→Imabari Station or come back from Imabari Sunrise Itoyama without returning the bicycle.

しまなみ海道1 サイクリングロード


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